this is for the Christian woman who is desperate
for breakthrough and healing in the area of their purpose and career

That's me!

by the end of the 5-day challenge, you'll Know with confidence where you are at in life and step with boldness into the next season that God has for you.

Are you tired of  your current routine?
Joyless work. Waiting. Praying. Hurting. Failure.
When will breakthrough finally come?

You keep telling yourself, "my time is coming", and you feel it does and you try and fail yet again.

You've prayed so hard, you've been waiting for many months, years, and you're still stuck in the same soul-sucking job or purposeless business you don't even love or enjoy. You just know the breakthrough in the area of your Kingdom calling hasn't arrived yet.

everyday, the same frustration repeats itself.

On one hand, you're getting so passionate, inspired and empowered to keep purusing your purpose, and you get so fired up and you can just overcome any giants and mountains that come your way.

And the other, Reality douses you with cold water when you look at your bank account and you're so broke, so leaving your 9-5 is a risk you can't jump into. The limbo and continuous cycle of no breakthrough and trying circles again.

Yet, are you still hoping one day you get to show up everyday confidently being the daughter of God, experiencing the freedom of healing, financial breakthrough, and faithfully walk in your Kingdom purpose and assignment?

yes, i want to dream again

if you can be 100% honest with yourself, you are weary in the fight, the warfare is too much.

it's time to awaken the sleeping dreamer.
the pain of the waiting season is about to be alleviated.
the next is getting
closer and clearer.

looking for your purpose in life, constantly feeling lost, and tbh you're still a lil broken from the failed past career experiences you've had. it still stings! that's the truth.

about Jenna

My name is Jenna, owner and founder of She Strategy Co, and creator of the Passion2Launch program and 5-day Dream Again challenge. 

Today, the fear of failing and stress of waiting endlessly is about to change for you.

I created the 5-day Dream Again challenge to help Christian women content creators, influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs just like you (and me!) discover the freedom from fear and receive the breakthrough in your purposes and Kingdom assignment, without the frustration of doing it alone.

my heart

since 2019, I’ve helped hundreds of Christian women find healing, freedom and breakthrough in their identity and purposes as God's daughter.
 Beginning November 20 at 4pm PST, this is your opportunity to do the same in a highly interactive experience.  

yes, i want to fulfill
my god-given purpose

priyanka, cake designer/baker

"The resources and effort you provided to coach us, I was blown away. What really helped me is I have so much confidence... I'm getting customers in, I get booked out as well, week by week. It's all so exciting!"

What others have said about our programs

my fellow dreamer,

Unlike last year, I have more passion in me to get the message of this challenge out assertively. The Holy Spirit stoked the fire within to launch this challenge and an updated community space to host His daughters creating content and dominating the digital era and space.

The stakes are higher.

Revival is not just looming over, it is here! The streets are filled with prophets and evangelists, worshippers are gathering in tent revivals and meetings.

The Spirit of God is on the move.

How about where 2 billion people are gathering in social media? Who is reaching them?

There's various evil agendas and spiritualities out there promising desperate hearts seeking to be healed and be whole with counterfeit solutions.

And we have the ultimate solution, Jesus! 

Yet we cower because of lack of community supporting us, we are misunderstood misfits. We are judged left and right. We look for answers in people and end up walking away unequipped, disconnected, disheartened.

Your heart is thundering loudly inside your chest right now. You may deny "What does that have to do with me, Jenna?"

or respond to the fear of the Lord rising within you, responding to His call.

It has to do with everything. 

Everything the Holy Spirit is aligning all of us to take our position in His plans and purposes.

You know and you cannot deny it, God has called you to something greater, higher. You've been waiting on the sidelines for so long. Lurking in the dark, behind someone else's shadow. You've been hidden, and so have your wild dream in your heart, that wasn't there, but God put it there.

It's time for you to come out of the shadows.
It's time for you to be "un"hidden.
It's time for you to take that book of dreams out of the shelves and into the open. 
It's time to throw the fears, hesitations and all excuses into the fire.
It's time to DREAM AGAIN.

This time, no more hesitations.
This time, ALL IN with the LORD.
This time, YOU are not doing this alone.
This time is it.

your sister,

i am all in to dream again!

We start November 20 at 4pm US Pacific

A Prophetic Letter for You, sis.

mark your calendars

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 Challenge Participants!