this is for the passionate Christian woman dreamers and creatives

yes, i'm in!

by the end of the 3-day challenge, you'll have the courage and permission to dream again and learn how to launch your profitable creative business on Instagram so you can live out your Kingdom assignment.

Are you done being consumed by the fear of pursuing your dreams?

you are paralyzed by fear and the disappointments of endlessly trying yet nothing seems to work!

You've probably tried launching your business before and it failed miserably, and now you're caught stuck between wanting to try it again but afraid maybe this is just not God's timing yet and if you try you might fail again!

everyday, a tension within you stretches you thin.

On one hand, you're getting so passionate, inspired and empowered to step out and faith and you can just about overcome any giants and mountains that come your way.

And two! Reality douses you with cold water when you look at your finances and you're in the "safe" zone right now, so you don't wanna do anything to jeopardize your comfortability and safety.

are you still dreaming and hoping one day you get to own your own creative business, pursue your passion, have the independence to work on your own terms, and financially support yourself and your family full time?

yes, i want to dream again

if you can be 100% honest with yourself, you have been sitting on your dreams for months now or even years!

it's time to awaken the sleeping dreamer.

about Jenna

My name is Jenna, owner and founder of She Strategy Co, and creator of the Passion2Launch program and 5-day Dream Again challenge. 

Today, the fear of starting a creative business again is about to change for you.

I created the 5-day Dream Again challenge to help Christian women creatives just like you (and me!) discover that they can run their own profitable creative careers and pursue their creative passions and chuck the fear of failing again out the window, and just make it happen.

my heart

since 2019, I’ve helped dozens of Christian women creatives launch their God-dream businesses, and starting March 27 at 5pm PST, this is your opportunity to do the same in a highly interactive experience.  

yes, i want to launch
my creative business

What others have said about these challenges I've hosted

Get a preview of what each day will look like.

DAY 1- breakthrough day (healing)

DAY 3-  how i can become successful on instagram as a creative entrepreneur

DAY 2- confrontation of the lies in my mind

yes, i want to start living a life of impact

DAY 5- taking my next steps to launch

DAY 4- framework of building a business from scratch

priyanka, cake designer/baker

"The resources and effort you provided to coach us, I was blown away. What really helped me is I have so much confidence... I'm getting customers in, I get booked out as well, week by week. It's all so exciting!"

my fellow dreamer,

Unlike last year, I have more passion in me to get the message of this challenge out assertively.

The stakes are higher.

Revival is not just looming over, it is here! It has started in the youth chapel services, on the streets people are getting saved and delivered, movie houses are getting filled with more streamlined Christian movies. 

The Spirit of God is on the move.

You may be wondering or perhaps your heart is thundering loudly inside your chest, "What does that have to do with me, Jenna?"


You know and you cannot deny it, God has called you to something greater, higher. You've been waiting on the sidelines for so long. Lurking in the dark, behind someone else's shadow. You've been hidden, and so have your wild dream in your heart, that wasn't there, but God put it there.

It's time for you to come out of the shadows.
It's time for you to be "un"hidden.
It's time for you to take that book of dreams out of the shelves and into the open. 
It's time to throw the fears, hesitations and all excuses into the fire.
It's time to AGAIN.

your sister,

i am ready to
dream again!

Starts March 27 (Monday) at 5pm PST